Bruce L. Ross & Company

A Boutique Forensic Accounting Practice

"Truth, When Not Sought After, Rarely Comes To Light"

- Oliver Wendell Holmes -


Bruce has always had a facility for numbers and a passion for discovering the truth. His work over the last thirty years as a forensic accountant and expert witness has allowed him to utilize both for the benefit of his clients. Bruce has worked on over a thousand cases, sometimes on behalf of plaintiffs, sometimes on behalf of defendants. After years in aerospace and public accounting, Bruce co-founded Bruce L. Ross & Company in 1992. He has been qualified as an expert in both State and Federal Courts. His ability to communicate to the Trier of Fact in clear, straightforward terms, instead of arcane mumbo jumbo, sets him apart from other experts. Bruce has been appointed as a special master and referee and has served on various arbitration and appraisal panels.

Bruce received a BA in both psychology and accounting from Pitzer College, a member of the Claremont Colleges, in 1972 and received his CPA certificate in 1975. Bruce is fond of equating forensic accounting with archeology. It is the task of a good forensic accountant to identify all relevant information and to examine every relevant document thoroughly. He or she must work with precision, mindful of the details, to uncover the hidden truths in each case. This thoughtful approach led Bruce to originate an objective methodology for the calculation of punitive damages and to write and teach courses on the computation of economic damages and the investigation of fraud for major accounting firms and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Bruce is a member of the Board of Directors of the Center Theatre Group in Los Angeles, California. He currently is the Chair of the Marketing/PR Committee and serves on the Education and Community Partnerships Committee.

When not serving his clients and his community, Bruce likes to snow ski, read and hang out with his adult sons, David, Eric and Brian.